Terrazzo is the new trend of summer 2020

Terrazzo is the new marble, yes we said it! Terrazzo is the new trend of the summer, everyone talks about Terrazzo and of course we do too!

But what exactly is Terrazzo?

Well, Terrazzo consists of marble granules, cement and clay. These can be colored or not and then compressed. Actually ‘ terrazzo’ means terrace in Italian, because let’s be honest this stone is not only used for vases and tables.

You can also make floor tiles from it! With Terrazzo a lot of variation is possible and you start to see it everywhere, rightly so! However, it is the intricate and interesting patterns that make the result so spectacular. This composition provides a real aesthetic punch that gives your social media channel that little bit extra.

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Why is Terrazzo the new trend of 2020?

That’s simple, with terrazzo you can play! You can make a lot of combinations with it, there is a great freedom with terrazzo. YOU have a lot of color combinations, combinations in patterns, every Terrazzo piece is unique!

We are already a big fan of Terrazzo and love that every piece is unique. If you are also convinced, check out our terrazzo offer below!

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