5 tips for small living

A smaller house is also cozy!

With these five small living tips, we hope to inspire you.

1. Use ALL space

Living in a small space usually gives few storage options that you would have in a larger house. So use every inch of your unused space optimally, and make it useful! This can be done by hanging open racks on a wall in the kitchen or think about whether there is a cupboard in your house that you do not really need. Be sure to use the space above your fridge and the kitchen cabinets optimally, this can make a huge difference! Open the cabinets and see if everything is neat, you can save a lot of space that way! The most important thing is that you get creative with how you store things and how you organize your rooms. Try something out!

2. Use light colors when decorating

You may be thinking, how are light colors going to make me have more space? Well, choosing the right colors can make a huge difference. Light colors ensure that your space really opens up and therefore it seems as if the space is larger. So think carefully when you choose colors for your small living space, it can be a difference!

3. Think minimalistic

Living in a small house means you just can’t have that much stuff, seems simple, right? For many, this is the most difficult thing, just think of a move. You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you take stock of everything. Do you really need three sets of glasses and plates? Or a bed that is too big? Sell something, or donate to charity. That way you help someone else and you are one step closer to a real small living space.

4. Choose smart storage

Storage, storage, storage. So important when you’re in a small living space. Learn to deal strategically with storage and make sure that all your things are well stored. Buy furniture with storage space, such as a coffee table with drawers or built-in racks, a footstool that you can slide up to store blankets, be creative! Plus, take advantage of the open space you have on your walls. Install racks, use the cabinets, smart storage is the way to go!

5. Choose the right size of carpet

Choosing a carpet that is the right size for your living space is essential. You don’t want your space to look smaller than it really is, do you? Take the dimensions of your living room and choose a matching carpet. This ensures that your room looks more spacious and you enjoy more comfort on top of that! What is the right size for my carpet? A good question! A good rule of thumb is to find a carpet large enough to cover both the salon safe and the legs of the chairs or sofa.

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